Alderman Peel

High School

Wells-Next-The-Sea   Norfolk

Curriculum 2016 -2017

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Below is an overview of the curriculum offered at both Key Stage 3 and 4. Alongside this we also offer many Alternatives and Additional curriculums in order to be able to meet the learning needs of all students regardless of their ability.


Key Stage 3. 

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 receive the following curriculum entitlement over a fortnight timetable:

Maths – 7 periods 

ICT/Computing -2 periods  

Technology – 2 periods

English – 7 periods 

Geography – 3 periods     

Food Technology – 2 periods 

Science – 6 periods   

Religious studies – 2 periods  

Drama – 2 periods

History – 3 periods 

Music – 2 periods  

Physical Education – 4 periods

Art – 2 periods



Students will experience at least 1 language during Key Stage 3 – either French or Spanish. Some students will have the opportunity to study both French and Spanish in years 8 and 9.

Modern Foreign Languages in year 7 – 6 periods

Spanish in years 8 and 9 – 3 periods 

French in years 8 and 9 – 3 periods.

There are also many other curriculum opportunities and support for students. 

Students also experience 3 day collapsed days over the academic year, focussed entirely on Citizenship and PSHE curriculum. All subjects also contribute to our Citizenship and PSHE through their different subject areas. The students also have the opportunity to be part of our School Parliament groups, helping to contribute to all aspects of school life including the Curriculum and Teaching and Learning.

In addition to this there is also Literacy and Numeracy opportunities during tutor time, with the Vertical tutoring allowing for peer support.


Key stage 4. 

At Key Stage 4, students all study a core curriculum of the following:

Maths – 7 periods  

Computing/ICT qualification – 5 periods

English – 7 periods  

Religion, Life and Society – 2 periods

Science – 10 periods

Physical Education - 4 periods

Students are then given guided pathways whereby then come opt to study subjects following discussions between students, parents and subject teachers. The subjects each have  5 periods allocated to them over the fortnight timetable. Subjects being studied this year include:

Separate Sciences    







Business Studies  

Catering & Hospitality 

Physical Education 

Child Development  

Product Design 



Resistant Materials 


In terms of the number of subjects studied at GCSE level, our expectation is the majority of students study at least 9 subjects. We also offer vocational pathways where it is appropriate to meet the learning needs of the student, as well as additional Study Support time within the curriculum. 

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at Alderman Peel High School.


Matt Hardman 

Associate Headteacher