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Work experience - Employers

Work experience – the employer’s role


The contribution of employers to the school curriculum is immense, and the following guidance will allow you to understand how to undertake work experience safely, and with the maximum benefit for your business and the young learner.  It is intended mainly for pre-16 work experience but can be applied to any temporary placement on your premises.

Work experience is the most important factor in shaping young people’s perceptions of the world of work.  It helps them to learn about a particular occupation, gain valuable personal skills such as independence and team work, and to understand the expectations of employers.

As an employer you have the opportunity to help shape the future workforce and give your employees the chance to develop their supervisory skills.  Getting involved in work experience shows your company is committed to helping the community.



Useful Documentation


Employer Work Experience Guidance Booklet 2016-2017 

Work Experience – EMPLOYERS REPORT 

Health Declaration Form