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Work experience - Students

Contacting employers 

Telephoning employers

Remember that this is your first contact with your employer.  You need to make a good impression        

Before you pick up the phone 

Make sure you have all the information you need:

  • A copy of the placement letter
  • The name of the person or department you need to speak to
  • Your CV in case you are asked, it will help you talk about yourself
  • Have a pen and paper ready
  • Try to ring from somewhere private and quiet.
  • Be prepared to speak to someone else or to leave a message on an answer phone.
  • Don’t text the employer.


   While you are speaking 

  •     Speak clearly and confidently, you’ll be nervous but slow down!
  •     Remember to quote your correspondence.
  •     Be ready to spell out any unusual words, particularly your home address.
  •     Be prepared to talk about yourself and your skills and qualities.
  •     Make sure you know what will happen next:
  •     Where should I go on the first day and confirm the time?
  •     Who should I ask for?
  •     Have they invited you to go for an interview?
  •     Make sure you write down the date, time and place


Thank the person you spoke to for their help and the opportunity to do work experience. 

If the person is not there - Do you leave a message? Yes! 

Note down beforehand what you will say and be clear about the next step, when are you calling them back, don’t expect them to call you  

Try to be clear and concise - you only have one shot! 


Useful Documentation 


Criteria for Marking Work Experience logbooks: 

Guide to Writing Letters for Work Experience 

Health Declaration Form 

Dear Parent work experience letter 

Self Generated Request for WEX form 

Yr 10 Work Experience Diary